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Efficacy and necessity of seed treatments for a sustainable use
Exploring Mature Plant Resistance in sugar beet to avoid Virus Yellows infection in the field
Lessons learned from an extensive communication program around virus yellows in The Netherlands
Evaluation of the aphid warning system to control virus yellows in the Netherlands
IRS Jaarverslag 2021 online
Resultaten cercospora onderzoek 2021
Het effect van ouderdomsresistentie in suikerbiet op de overleving, vermeerdering en het gedrag van groene perzikluizen
Toetsing <i>Meloidogyne chitwoodi</i> resistentie in suikerbiet
Gewasbeschermingsbulletin suikerbieten 2022
Research on the efficacy of different insecticides to control the green peach aphid (<i>Myzus persicae</i>) and the black bean aphid (<i>Aphis fabae</i>) in sugar beets in the Netherlands in 2021